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The Story of Bait Boat Mods

Custom Made Propellers and Mods

Bait Boat Mods was originally conceived from an idea i had about producing better quality propellers for the Boatman Actor Bait Boat. I am in no way affiliated with Boatman Boats, however i thought i could improve on what seems to be a very cheap injection moulded nylon propeller.
This idea came about when i first ordered a GPS Actor baitboat from the then distributer Future Carping.
The boat arrived and after charging i put it on my hard kitchen table and switched it on. When i pushed forward on the remote a propeller just sheared clean in half flying across the room at high speed.
So after much searching, phone calls and emails to RC shops and the like i drew a blank, however lady luck was working with me that day as i stumbled upon a professional propeller makers contact details.

After many emails, phone calls and photos sent back and forth the propeller maker came up with a design which looks good to me. He made up a mould and sent me a pair of hand cast and finished aluminum propellers.

Testing then began and i soon realised that not only did the props look good and fit perfectly they performed much better than the original cheap nylon ones supplied with the boat.

They drew significantly less amps from the battery, but still had slightly more torque and speed.
they are quieter and suffer with less cavitation issues in the water.
They are vibration free which puts less stress on the motors.

They come with a 2 year warranty against defects and damage to the boat.
These props are hand balanced so spin completely freely with no vibration, which is the primary cause of propshaft bearing damage. However the Actor bait boat has No propshaft Bearings anyway.
But if you can demonstrate to me that a catastrophic motor or propshaft fault was caused by my propellers i will repair the boat free of charge.

After finally bringing some excellent propellers for the boat to the public i was met with a lot of skepticism, however i knew the product was good and customer feedback would silence the skeptics. Which for the most part it has done.
I then moved on to thinking why not try and create a one stop shop for bait boat modders where all the typical modding items can be purchased in one place.
And thats where i am upto now.
I have several new ideas in the pipeline and i am constantly thinking up new ways to alter and or improve a design, not just on the Actor boat but many others too.
If you would like to chat, share ideas or just ask for product advice then join my Facebook Group or Modding Page using the links below, Everybody is welcome who has an interest in bait boats.


Fitting my Legendary propellers, switches, voltmeters, drilling holes in the boat, altering wiring will almost certainly void the boats warranty. However its only 12 months and the boats are only 250 each

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All shipping is done the same way Royal Mail 1st class signed for. For items we have in stock.

All products are shipped by Royal Mail 1st class signed for delivery service.

They are dispatched within 1-2 business days after order conformation.
If you are ordering a Pre-order item then please read the estimated dates of delivery. But rest assured once we have the product it will be dispatched to you very quickly.

International Orders may take 2-3 weeks to arrive as they are dispatched direct from Asia. Usually 7-14 days is expected. It will say on the item where its coming in from if its not its not a standard stock item.

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